Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey, it's...David Patrick Kelly!

I noticed the voice first.  This was the first scene of the fourth episode of Louie on FX.  Louie CK was talking to his psychiatrist about his sexual problems.

"Listen," the shrink explains.  "Sex seems very complicated...and confusing, but it's very simple.  The man takes his penis, puts it into the woman's vagina, he ejaculates, and she dies."

"She dies?" Louie asks.

"Oh, no.  I was thinking about something else."

I know that psychiatrist's voice...  For some reason I can hear the voice describing a sandwich.  The best damn sandwich he's ever had.  A baguette with brie and butter.  He had four of those damn things every day he was in France...

That's right - it's David Patrick Kelly, best known for playing Jerry Horne, Ben Horne's crooked lawyer brother on Twin Peaks.  David Lynch introduced Jerry Horne in the show's third episode which I believe is the best episode the show produced (after the pilot, of course).  This is the episode - directed by Lynch - where Agent Cooper eliminates suspects in the killing of Laura Palmer by throwing rocks at a bottle in the woods.  And, of course this is the episode that has the full version of the famous dream sequence with the backwards-talking midget.  David Patrick Kelly seemed to understand the tone that Lynch had in mind and he made Jerry Horne a great character.

Fun fact: Kelly's voice has another place in the pop culture pantheon: he is the one who screams, "Waaariors!  Come out to plaaaaaaay! in the cult classic The Warriors.  He shot Cyrus for christsake!


  1. Ok, this is even more ridiculous than the Deep Roy sighting...I don't think I would have even believed you if I hadn't been there.

  2. Did not know about Louie, but after I saw Warriors, I knew that it was the same guy who played Sully in Commando -