Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best Actor Nomination Predictions (Courtesy of Someone Who Has Seen 4 Movies from 2011)

GEORGE CLOONEY, THE DESCENDANTS - He is quickly gaining a Streep-like level of admiration in Hollywood.  He's handsome, he directs, he acts, he aids Darfur.  There is no way they will pass up any opportunity to nominate Clooney for anything.  Definitely the front-runner.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO, J. EDGAR - I like Leo, but I feel that his baby face keeps me from believing him in certain roles.  Catch Me If You Can and The Departed used his youthful looks to their advantage.  However, when it comes time to play adults - real men and not just boys playing dress up - DiCaprio can't quite cut it.  The voters don't seem to mind, however, so I think Leo will grab his fourth Oscar nod here.

JEAN DUJARDIN, THE ARTIST - Starring in the best picture front-runner will always get you some recognition, but carrying the entire film without the help of sound makes Dujardin's achievement quite possibly the most impressive of the year.

MICHAEL FASSBENDER, SHAME - Fassbender burst onto the scene in director Steve McQueen's (no relation) 2008 film Hunger, a portrayal of an IRA prison hunger strike, but has gone to the superstar level in 2011.  He was in no less than four high-profile films this year: Jane Eyre, X-Men: First Class, A Dangerous Method, and Shame, the latter earning him the best reviews as a Manhattan yuppie with a sex addiction.  It was called the most fearless performance of the year and should nab him the first of many Oscar nominations in his career.

BRAD PITT, MONEYBALL - Last, but not least, is perhaps the only actor working today other than his Ocean's co-star George Clooney, who can be called a movie star in the classic mold.  Who would have thought that the best reviews of his career would come from playing real-life baseball general manager Billy Beane in an adaptation of a non-fiction book?  The role does fit him like a glove - his Beane is driven, intelligent, and charming.


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