Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best Actress Nomination Predictions (Courtesy of Someone Who Has Seen 4 Movies from 2011)

MERYL STEEP, THE IRON LADY - If she can get a nomination for Music of the Heart, I think she can get one for playing a famous person in a role that requires her to don extensive makeup, hair, and an accent.  The movie is not supposed to be anything special, but Streep is always amazing.

VIOLA DAVIS, THE HELP - It only took one scene for Davis to nab a nomination for her supporting turn in Doubt so one can imagine how voters will respond to her forty-one scenes in The Help.

GLENN CLOSE, ALBERT NOBBS - Another acting legend in another Oscar bait performance.  Close plays a woman posing as a man in 19th century Ireland .  Makeup: check.  Hair: check.  Accent: check.  You can see where this one's going.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS, MY WEEK WITH MARILYN - Williams is one of the most interesting actresses working today.  She has impeccable taste in roles and the critics loved her as America's sweetheart Marilyn Monroe.  I think she could play spoiler to current favorite Meryl Streep.

ROONEY MARA, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO - The Academy can't go back and nominate Noomi Rapace as the original girl with the dragon tattoo, but Rooney Mara apparently comes close to matching her predecessor's spellbinding performance.  Thus, I think she will be hard to overlook this year.


  1. 5 for 5! Not so bad for someone who only saw 4 movies this year...

  2. Yeah, I was on the fence between Rooney Mara and Tilda Swinton. Could have gone either way...